• The Right to Memory

    The Right to Memory: Lilia Schwarcz

    19 March - 22 June 2024
    Image of The Right to Memory, Lilia Schwarcz
Casa Zalszupin
  • Hosted in the residence that Jorge Zalszupin designed and in which he lived in for almost 60 years, ETEL and Almeida & Dale open the space that will be the headquarters of the Jorge Zalszupin Institute, dedicated to researching and documenting the collection, and to exhibitions.


    For security reasons, the adress of Zalszupin House will be shared only after the booking of your visit.



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  • The house itself can barely be seen from the street as it is nestled under and behind a large, oversized...

    South garden of Casa Zalszupin overlooking the dining room. Photo: Potyra Tamoyos

    The house itself can barely be seen from the street as it is nestled under and behind a large, oversized centenarian tree. Zalszupin’s architecture refers to both his Scandinavian and Brazilian influences. “It’s a house where he experimented a lot with different references, mixing them together, from traditional Brazilian elements like the rough stucco wall treatments, to the Scandinavian looking curved wood ceiling”, explains Carmona. The interiors have a carefully orchestrated sequence of spatial contractions and expansions, low ceilings that give way to double-height spaces, and openings that carefully calibrate views and lights with a most engaging effect and an overall feeling of shelter.


    Paul Clemence

  • In order to protect and spread the heritage of Zalszupin, as well as the history of Brazilian design, ETEL now...

    Jorge Zalszupin's atelier. Photo: Potyra Tamoyos

    In order to protect and spread the heritage of Zalszupin, as well as the history of Brazilian design, ETEL now announces its newest initiative: Casa Museu Zalszupin. The designer's residence will be transformed into a center of reference, documentation and dissemination of this collection of great cultural importance, to be the seat of the Jorge Zalszupin Institute in the future. Almeida & Dale Galeria de Arte, which in unison with ETEL's values, aims to promote the works of Brazilian artists, enters as a partner in the project, and together they aim to keep this space alive, creating new dialogues between Zalszupin's architecture and great names in the history of Brazilian design and art.

  • ETEL

    About ETEL A century of Brazilian furniture forms the Design Collection. With its pioneering work in reprints, ETEL sheds new light on the exquisite designs of modern production in Brazil, lately discovered and today considered one of the most relevant of the period in the world. A production characterized by craftsmanship and the use of precious raw materials, created by architects and artists committed to highlighting local culture under the influence of international vanguards. The rescue is based on a rigorous methodology, fidelity to the originals and an intense dialogue with institutes and families that represent works. The collection, curated by Lissa Carmona, includes pieces by Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin, Sergio Rodrigues, Oswaldo Bratke, Branco & Preto and Giuseppe Scapinelli, among others. The continuity of the modern legacy is given by prominent contemporary creators, including Isay Weinfeld, Arthur de Mattos Casas, Claudia Moreira Salles, Carlos Motta, Etel Carmona, Lia Siqueira and Dado Castello Branco.

  • Almeida & Dale Art Gallery

    Founded in 1998 with the aim of promoting the works of Brazilian artists, Almeida e Dale has become in over two decades one of the most important galleries in Brazil. Throughout its trajectory, the gallery has been responsible for inserting artists who are fundamental to the history of Brazilian art in important private collections and in national and international public collections. In recent years, with Antônio Almeida and Carlos Dale responsible for its direction, the gallery has revisited the work of exponents of our art through retrospective exhibitions, conceived by guest curators involved in researching the artist's work. Produced with museological care, the exhibitions were accompanied by publications recognized for the originality of academic essays and the rescue of historical texts. In recent years, individual exhibitions by Willys de Castro, Di Cavalcanti, Flávio de Carvalho, Mestre Didi, Ismael Nery, Alberto da Veiga Guignard, Alfredo Volpi, Jandira Waters, Roberto Burle Marx have been mounted in recent years. renewed interest from critics and the public in Brazil and abroad. Along with the constant promotion of exhibitions and publications, Almeida e Dale supports projects for the preservation and dissemination of Brazilian artists. In convergence with the work in the preservation of collections, since 2020 the gallery has represented the estate of the artist Luiz Sacilotto, a great figure in Brazilian concrete art.